Island Graphics... the story

Island Graphics has been through a lot of changes throughout the years, here's our story.

The beginning...

Peter entered the printing industry as an apprentice lithographer in 1978 for a Vancouver company called Camart Studios. His introduction was shooting line negs, PMTs, working paste up with positives and negatives, among other tasks in printing preparation. Camart's main focus was in producing magazines, flyers, brochures and even vinyl record covers, which Peter boasts that he produced the Powder Blues' Blue Vinyl album cover.

After 5 years, with a completed apprenticeship that included full training in color separations and additional skills in film assembly, Peter moved on to Cleland and Kent in Vancouver. At this time, in the early 1980s, colour separations were evolving from the traditional developer/fix technique to the new technology of electronic processing referred to as colour scanning. The Crossfield and HELL ChromaCom were the leaders in this technology. Working with Wolf Binder, Peter held a position as operator of the HELL Chrome Colour scanner....... to be continued