The Island Graphics Team

We consider ourselves more than a team. We are family.

Our Grand Fromage:

Peter is the "man". That's right, he's our go-to-guy. Troubleshooting is his specialty. He's also our scanning expert. He likes his coffee with cream. He's sharp, like cheddar.

Our Other Fromages:

You want something stickied to your door, window or car? Mike's your guy. He weeds like there's no tomorrow. If you don't see him sitting at his computer, he's probably got bits of adhevise vinyl on his elbows. Also takes cream in his coffee. He's the mellow cheese, like mozeralla. Pizza anyone?

Danielle is usually sitting on her heiny at the computer. Design is her game, but she sometimes can be found meandering about the shop, adding her two cents when the shop is a hoppin'. She likes her coffee straight up, no cream. Can be sharp or mellow, like Gouda.